Additional Agenda Item to AGM 2014, The Ramside Hotel Durham

This item is to be inserted as agenda item 3.1

Dear Member,

One individual has very recently made us aware that there may not have had been the necessary quorum, which is 30 members or 5% of the membership, at last year’s AGM in Liverpool.  We believe that this may have been the case and after discussion with the Charity Commission we have agreed to reintroduce the 2013 constitution change that was supported last year again at this year’s AGM.  This action will then bring us totally in line with our constitution.

Accordingly notice is hereby given that constitutional amendment to para 6.3  “All elected and user members of the committee may remain trustees for a maximum period of 6 years from the AGM when they were first elected.  Members may serve a further 3 years subject to the annual agreement of members.  No trustee should serve continuously for more than 9 years,  will be put to the membership on 17th May.

This extra item of business should only lengthen the conduct of our business marginally but I would urge you to be at the Ramside Hotel by 3pm as it is essential that we have the minimum numbers required to meet our quorum.


If you are not attending the AGM please declare your vote by post or by email direct to Ian Thompson ( ) but you must clearly state your membership number as it verifies your eligibility to cast a vote , this is very important.


Yours sincerely


(signed on original)

Frank Andrews,

National Chairman

RFA Association

This document and a specimen of the associated additional ballot paper can be downloaded here AGM 2014 Additional Item (494.97 kB). All members will receive this be post or email in the next couple of days. You can reply by email to but your membership number MUST be included in the correspondence to verify your eligibility to cast a vote , this is very important.

If you do not receive the notification by either mail or email by 11 April please get in contact with me at or by phone on 0183 640045 and I will make sure you get a copy.